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Flavouriser Bars Vs. Lava Rocks

Lava rocks have been a fan favourite for a long time, they provide a good effect and give the authentic appearance of a charcoal BBQ.

Advances in design have allowed the experts at Outback to design the new 'Flavouriser Bars' for all new models. Flavouriser bars tackle the same job as Lava Rocks but in a much more effective, efficient way. Flavouriser bars were only on the flagship 'Signature' range last year but this year the technology has been brought to all models.

*Please note not all flavouriser bars are the same and can differ in design from model to model.

Advantages of Flavouriser Bars:

1) Flavouriser Bars heat to a higher temperature, quicker. They are ready to turn any fats and juices from your food into smoke right from the word go!

2) Heat distribution is also improved due to the new Flavouriser Bars providing a more consistant heat across the entire cooking surface with no gaps, meaning no more hot spots!

3) Flare-ups are a thing of the past! Flavouriser Bars cover the entire burner keeping them safe from grease and dirt which can block them and lead to corrosion over time, at the same time stopping fats reaching the naked flame and causing flare-ups which burn your food.

Maintenance is easy, simply wait for your BBQ to cool down remove the grills and Flavouriser Bars and wash them both at the same time in the same way, some hot water and a wire brush and you're ready for your next BBQ adventure!

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